Do you want to make a joke to a friend of yours? Give him a hole in the monitor!

If you have a friend to whom you want to make a good joke we’ll give you a hint!

To do this trick, pretending that the monitor is broken, you just have to hold up well the game!

No… You do not have to break it for real! Just download “Broken Vista Desert Wallpaper” (click on the link at the bottom for downloading).

This is against a very original and funny that will allow you to enjoy the shoulders of friends or colleagues.
Then, if the victim is not very practical about computers… then laughs are guaranteed!

The wallpaper can be downloaded for free, and as you can see simulates a broken screen. It’s similar to Broken Vista Wallpaper 2, the only difference is that instead of the classical image of Windows Vista, in this case we have a desert landscape.

The image is of high quality and high resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels), the background, however, is only available for widescreen monitors.

So… What are you waiting for? Immediately think of who will be the next to have the monitor with a hole, and have fun!
We have already done some nice joke. And we can guarantee that, if it will be done right, the fun is guaranteed!

Have a nice joke!

Webmaster-roma staff

Click on the link for downloading the wallpaper –> Broken Vista Desert Wallpaper.

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