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Steve Jobs and the courage to dream!

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Steve Jobs and the courage to dream! For a year after his death of Steve Jobs, the Apple website opens with a beautiful and meaningful movie dedicated to its founder. The movie, which we invite you to look (found below), in the background has the original voice of Jobs. Tim Cook, his great collaborator and […]

Do you want to make a joke to a friend of yours? Give him a hole in the monitor!

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If you have a friend to whom you want to make a good joke we’ll give you a hint! To do this trick, pretending that the monitor is broken, you just have to hold up well the game! No… You do not have to break it for real! Just download “Broken Vista Desert Wallpaper” (click […]

The Internet connection is unstable? Connect to the satellite!

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Many people have problems of unstable internet connection. Often providers of fixed line (which rests always, or nearly so, to the Telecom network in Italy), guarantee the full efficiency of the internet service, but the reality is different. Sometimes the cable lines are obsolete, losing almost all of the signal. So the user finds himself […]

Would you measure your heart rate with your Smartphone? You need just one app!

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From now with your smartphone you can also play an important role for health or your body shape: measure your heart rate! We are used to be surprised, but frankly this news has surprised even us more than ever. Well, measuring your heart rate is now possible anywhere and anytime! Thanks to Instant Heart Rate […]

How to turn your picture into 3D photo : a twist to your photo album!

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Would you like to transform your photographic images creating a 3D photo album? It’s easy and fun! We are great fans of the graphic and have a preference for photo albums, which rearrange continuously studying the best way to enhance the beauty of the places that we have photographed. Needless to say that the picture […]