How to remove Scotland Yard ransomware virus !

The Scotland Yard virus is a malware of ransomware class created by cybercriminals and widespread in northern Europe and in the Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in England and Ireland.

virus Scotland YardThis kind of virus, like all ransomware (from “randsom”), occurs when the operating system display a white screen with the Scotland Yard logo, blocking every operation of the computer.
The shock effect of the victim is remarkable, and this is the aim of criminals: the person who is upset emotionally affected by the virus to make him pay!
On the screen it is written that you have committed a crime downloading files protected by copyright. And to unlock the computer you need to pay £ 100 through the system Ukash.

How the spread of the virus comes true
The Scotland Yard virus is spread unintentionally through downloading pages of some websites (usually common websites, such news ones), allow the virus to access your computer and install a file system operating changing some settings.
When the computer restarts you will see the infamous Scotland Yard virus!

How to remove the Scotland Yard virus
There are several versions of the virus, so we propose two different procedures, the first easier and the second only for computer experts.
We anticipate that if You have the operating system “Windows XP” it will be really difficult to eliminate, but with “Windows 7″ You can have good chances.

1. First steps to remove the Scotland Yard virus
- First you have to start the “Advanced Boot Options Menu with Networking” by pressing F8 starting the operating system.

Then You have to connect to internet and download the software Malwarebytes (for downloading the software click the link at the bottom of this article).
If You are unable to connect to the web than You will need to download the software from another computer and save it on a USB stick, then you can copy the file on the desktop of the infected computer and install it.

Now You can start “Malwarebytes” and let it do a scan on your hard disk.
When the virus has finished working it will alert you.
So click to show “scan results” and put a tic (by clicking with the mouse) to select all the items that have been identified as dangerous, then delete them by clicking on the button.
Reboot normally your PC and make sure the virus does not start.

2. Second way to remove the Scotland Yard virus
As mentioned above, this is a procedure for Advanced Users, to be used if you are not able to start in Advanced Boot Options Menu.

In this case you are facing an evolved version of the virus, which make it impossible to access any functions of the PC.
The virus will block every functionality.

The first attempt that we recommend to try is to “restore last known working configuration”: by clicking F8 repeatedly on o.s. startup you can see this option on the “Advanced Boot Options Menu”.

If you can start this recovery mode You just have to wait, wait and wait … It could take many hours.

If even this way fails You can try using an Antivirus Bootable from USB.
First of all you need to manage another (obviously working) computer connected to the web.

So You can download Bitdefender Rescue CD by clicking the link at bottom of this page.
BitDefender is a powerful software antivirus that works on Linux platform and it drive operating as a virtual o.s.

Once You have downloaded it you have to save BitDefender .Iso file on your desktop PC.
Then unzip the BitDefender ISO file on an empty USB stick using the software UNetbootin.

Now connect the USB stick (with BitDefender installed in) to the computer and turn it on, than press F11 (in most cases it should work, otherwise try playing F8) to open the Boot startup command.
There will appear different boot starting options (from CD player, Hard Disk, USB Device, etc.), obviously You have to select the USB stick, then click ENTER.

When BitDefender has started You will find the first screen, on which you have to click to give permission for start scanning.
Let the scanning end. Once completed, You have to permanently delete the virus that BitDefender found.
Than You have to try restarting your PC normally.

If even with this way the Scotland Yard virus will be eliminate than there is only to reformat you hard disk.
To perform a data backup we suggest to disconnect the hard disk from your computer (or from your laptop) and connect it to another computer by a special adapter with USB output.
You can find this adapter in a specialized IT store.
Then you can finally end this nightmare… reformatting your PC and installing the operating system.

Webmaster-Roma staff

Click on this link for downloading –> MALWAREBYTES

Click on this link for downloading –> Bitdefender Rescue CD

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