Official presentation of the new iPhone 5, Apple’s hyper gem!

Finally the long awaited Apple iPhone 5 has arrived!
Presentazione ufficiale iPhone 5 Apple

With his usual grandiose official presentation, hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the successor of the unforgettable Steve Jobs, the ‘iPhone 5 did not disappoint the expectations of its passionate fans.

The iPhone 5, Apple’s new hypertechnologic jewel, is a clear evolution of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S since looking aesthetic graphics redesigned, thinner than 18% (just 7.6 mm thick) and 20% lighter (it weighs only 112 grams of weight).
With this evolution of the smartphone iPhone 5 Apple return to the primacy of the thinnest smartphone in the world.

The aesthetic judgment is certainly favorable, resulting in the iPhone 5 more “smart” and elegant than the previous models.

iPhone 5Equipped with a new 4-inch retina display in 16:9 high-resolution (equivalent to 1136 x 640) has 326 pixels per inch, a high pixel density, higher than the ability to distinguish the human eye. The brightness of one of the most valuable of the smartphone and the colors are richer, with a saturation higher than 44%

The connectivity to the internet has significantly improved for the new smartphone made in Cupertino (the new iPhone 5 has a better Wi-Fi and will support HSPA +, DC-HSDPA and, for the first time, LTE), which made another significant step forward in the field of technological applications.

So as to have probably regained supremacy over its competitors.

News of great importance is the new A6, which has twice as fast as the previous A5.

The standard resolution of the camera remains unchanged from the previous model (8 megapixels), but the speed of image capture has been an implementation of 40%.

The iPhone 5 now has three microphones and a new connector completely redesigned.

If you want to know the other features of the new Apple iPhone 5 in hyper detail you can see the video of the official presentation, in which the device is described in detail.

Enjoy it!

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